logo is the network that moves you. Literally!

Choose a unique “tag” for your location, set up your Landing Pad in less than a minute,
and get a pre-programmed Teleport Stick, all ready to drop wherever you like.

You also get a short and snappy Weblink that takes people right to your location.
Use it on your blog, in social media, and in chat and notecards in-world.

We keep everything up-to-date for you!

If you move your Landing Pad, all of your Teleport Sticks and Weblink will automatically take people to your new location.
No more out-of-date landmarks and links!

Coming VERY soon ...

We are working on a Teleport Board for those with multiple destinations, and a HUD that will let
your visitors remember you and come back - even if you moved in the meantime!

Set up in moments. Stay current for life!

Try it out now with our own Weblink below, and pick up your own Landing Pad today :